You want to increase sales
We perform personal marketing analysis
You need a reliable distributor
We examine companies and may find a partner for you
You would like to overtake competitors
We provide you independent information
You have to comprehend risks
We give you forecasts and recommendations
You want penetrate Russian market
We help with promotion strategies is your personal sales assistance in Russia
We help medical companies from all over the world to understand Russian market and
to start or increase sales in Russia


Marketing analysis
Other services
Procurement and Contracts
95% of purchases of medical institutions in Russia goes through the system of public procurement. We provide actual data on past purchases and contracts, ongoing and planned purchases. Analysis of procurement data allows you:
  • to assess the capacity and dynamics of the market;
  • identify the main players and buyers;
  • understand what goods and services are delivered;
  • develop a plan for entering the market;
  • think through a pricing policy, etc.
Thus we help to start and/or increase your sales.
Since 2017, all medical institutions in Russia are required to post their procurement schedule for the next 3 years. Our reports allow to obtain next information:
  • number of planned purchases;
  • distribution of purchases by the type of products;
  • initial prices, etc.
Therefore, for instance you may find out what equipment will be purchased next year.

In addition, health institutions annually purchase the same consumables. Analysis of past trades allows you to find out:
  • the budget of each buyer;
  • the timing of the purchase;
  • what types of consumables are purchased.
Thus, you may forecast your sales.
Verification of companies
When you are dealing with a company from another country, it can be difficult to verify the validity of the information it provides and to find out how reliable company is. We provide a wide range of independent information about both partners and competitors:
  • the size of the authorized capital;
  • names of owners;
  • list of clients;
  • market share;
  • licenses and certificates received;
  • the presence of subsidiaries in the structure;
  • links with other companies;
  • presence in the register of unscrupulous suppliers;
  • arbitration cases with a company.
Thus you get independent information about partners and competitors.

For successful sales in Russia you need to understand the laws. In particular, in 44 and 223 federal laws, as well as a number of other orders and regulations. Misunderstanding by the supplier of the public procurement system leads to a wrong sales strategy and price policy. We help to understand local legislation and may provide legal advice and lawyers' support.
Delivery of goods across the Russian border has many subtleties and requires special attention. We will help you find a good customs broker.
Russia is huge. It can become a problem when we talk about the delivery of goods with a short shelf life or maintenance of equipment. Thus, the distance significantly increases the cost of your products for the end user. We can help you find a reliable carrier and pick up an adequate pricing policy.
All medical products sold on the territory of the Russian Federation must be registered. The process of obtaining a Registration Certificate is lengthy and expensive. We will help you to choose a registration operator to save time, money and nerves.
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How it works

- You send us questions
- We discuss details
- 10% prepayment
- We perform analysis
- We give you primary data and recommendations
- Either you pay us the rest money
- Or we return you prepayment


Personal approach
We answer exactly your questions. No spare information. All reports are unique.
We are located in Russia
We know the Russian legislation and mentality. We help to understand and find a common language with clients in Russia.
Focus on the medical market
We are professionals in this area. We know and feel this market and we do not disperse our attention.
Only verified data
We use the data only from official sources. In the report you will always find the link to the source.
Years of experience
We have been doing this job for over 12 years.
If you do not get answers to your questions, we will refund you the money.

Alexander Hilarov
Owner and CEO
Since 2005 I've been working on a medical market with several companies either distributors or manufactures. I have launched hundreds of products and several startups. Over the years of working with foreign companies, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience.

My goal is to help medical companies from all over the world to understand Russian market and to start or increase their sales in Russia. I want doctors and sick people to have an access to the best world medical technologies. Helping you today, I'm helping millions of people get better medical care.

A simple review report
for making a decision
  • All purchases for last 2 years
  • All purchases in any one region
  • Market capacity
  • Distribution of purchases by months
  • Number and sum of contracts per user
  • Determination of top 25 end-users
  • Determination of top 10 suppliers
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Full access to the database.
  • Market research by your criteria
  • Full access to procurement database
  • Suggestions for marketing strategy
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Please describe how can we help you, what kind of information you need.
Please describe how can we help you, what kind of information you need.
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