Information about procurement

We help medical companies from all over the world to understand Russian market and to start or increase sales in Russia. We provide you with independent and actual information about procurement, survey of market capacity and dynamics on products, customers and suppliers, review of ongoing and finished state, commercial and international procurements.
Have you ever wondered about sales in Russia?
1/6 of the world
146.5 million people
1114 cities
We may help you!
What you get from us:
  • Answers to your questions
  • Ideas how to develop business in Russia
  • Notion how to make sales in Russia
  • Understanding who your competitors are and their market share
  • Primary data about finished or ongoing procurements
  • Analytical conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Forecasts
Why do companies like yours choose us?
We are located in Russia
We know the Russian legislation and mentality. We help to understand and find a common language with clients in Russia.
Years of experience
We have been doing this job for over 10 years.
Focus on the medical market
We are professionals in this area. We know and feel this market and we do not disperse our attention.
Only verified data
We use the data only from official sources. In the report you will always find the link to the source.
Personal approach
We answer exactly your questions. No spare information. All reports are unique.
If you do not get answers to your questions, we will refund you the money.
Order the information that will help you to sell in Russia!
Frequently Asked Questions?
How much does it cost?
The cost depends on the tasks. We do not sell ready-made reports made on someone else's request. We have an individual approach to each client. Once you formulate the goal, we will send you a quotation. Prices start from 100$.
How does it work?
Very easy. There are 3 steps:
  1. You make a request.
  2. We calculate the cost.
  3. After payment you will receive a report.
How long does it take?
It also depends on the amount of work. The simplest reports may be received within 24 hours.
Do you send primary data?
Yes. We will send you an Excel file with all the data and calculations.
Where do you get the data?
We use only verified data from official sources.
All sources are indicated in the reports.
It's time to order the information that will help you to sell in Russia
25% discount for everyone who makes an order before MEDICA-2016
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